What our Customers Say

"Excellent service. I bought a car from them back in May 2011 and love it. They made sure that the car was in as good of condition as it was when it was bought from the Ford dealership. I came in with the idea that these people were just ordinary scam car dealers but they really aren't. They even refunded me part of the money when we ran into an issue and were very professional, honest, and down-to-earth about it. Great set of people and I would recommend people to buy a car here. I love my car and they got me a very good deal. Don't be afraid to negotiate...these people love to negotiate."/Nathan Hood

"I sold my used car to Vio's Auto Sales this past weekend and received fabulous customer service from start to finish. Their staff was professional and courteous, and I feel like I got a very fair deal. I didn't know what the car's value would be on today's market but Vio offered me an honest appraisal which he explained was based on the car's mileage and condition. I hope to do business with them again in the future and would recommend them to anyone looking for an honest, fair and professional car dealer."/ Gordana Kajer

"My husband and I were recently vacationing in Southern California when we spotted a fabulous sports car at Vios Auto Sales. We quickly agreed on a price and headed home to Colorado the next day with our new toy. The staff at Vios was personable and professional. We are delighted. We will definately call Vios when we need another vehicle."/ Kathy B.

"I just bought my BMW ci 330 convertible two weeks ago. It took me some time to find the right car for the price I wanted. My budget was less than the average Price for this car. I went to see Vio and few other dealers and ask for this specific car, and left the year open. The only one that call me back was VIo. He had the car for me. I check the price and ask for the car fax report. Everything was OK and I decide to go for it.
I did not need lending so I was out of with my car in 1 hour. This is only the second car I bought in the US, and I was a little confused by all the paperwork. VIo expalined everything clearly for me and I felt not dumb at all, everytihing was clean. As I was doing the final check out I noticed a door lock not working, the sale person took down a note for it, and two days lather they call me back and the switch was changed at no cost. I already bought at that point the ipod connection for my BMW radio, but I installed really poorly. Their guy, while re paring the switch also rewired my ipod connection for free.
If this is not extra service , I don't know what they needed to do. Definitely really happy about the car and the service, I will use them again."


"First let me say my credit is not good. My sister found a job on a Friday and her job was 80 miles away round trip. We went looking for a car on Saturday with no down payment. Of course we were turned away from a lot of places. Then we came upon VIOS. First I love the cats, second: A man came to greet us before we even hit the asphalt. His name was Aldo. He was very nice and took us to his boss to see if they could help us. Jeremy was very truthful about our credit/down payment situation. I decided to loan my sis $500 or her down if Jeremy could get her in a car. Tat man worked magic and we drove off the lot in a new used car! Then a week later my sis was let go from her job. She tried to get another quickly but could not, so she decided to return the car. We did not have any problem what so ever in returning the car or getting her down payment back. They even told her that if she finds another job they will get her back on the road again. These people were nice, honest, hard working, knowledgeable folks who seems to love to help if they can. If you need a car, start here. You'll leave with a car and new friends."/Maxx J